Summer Soirée With Great Bear Trio Set for June 19-21, 2009

What's it like to dance in the Pavilion?

We are blessed to get to dance in the Pavilion again this year if you can believe what last year's dancers say! While it does mean fewer dancers can attend (and more challenges for the organizers), Soirée dancers loved the fresh mountain breezes and delicious change of pace.

"The Pavilion ROCKS! I am an outdoorsy girl, and the feel of the breeze on your skin, nature surrounding you, the magical xmas lights. I am a fan of the pavilion!!!!!" ~ Sequoyah Rich

"Loved dancing outside in the open air. Liked the picnic blanket rest area." ~ David Wiley, founder of the Jonesborough Dance

"The pavilion is one of my favorite places to dance. There's a magical feeling there, especially for dance weekends. It's like stepping into another world where time has stopped and I remember the joy of being alive. Even the trees seem to look on with delight." ~ Carly Sterne

"Summer Soirée was magical last year - the Year of the Pavillion. I look forward to North Carolina cool dancing outside with a hot new band!" ~ Gari Carter

"Summer Soirée has been a pleasant, and much-anticipated, annual rite of dance for us the past seven years (and even more years for myself). Happy Soirée twirls!" Warren Doyle, dance organizer for Contradancer's Delight Holiday.

"I would come to Summer Soiree if you were dancing in the cow pasture!! The pavillion is lovely and a wonderful place to dance." ~ JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

"The pavilion was wonderfully different from anywhere I've ever danced, and I've danced since I could walk. It was the most idyllic setting, a cross between a picnic, a dance hall, and a romantic gazebo...and it challenged the mind! Dancing in lines... in an octagon... whoo! I really loved it." ~ Olivia Morris

"Dancing in the Pavilion during Summer Soirée last year was a unique and beautiful experience. I am looking forward to reliving the experience this year." ~ Kim Goforth

"M-J, dancing outdoors for Soiree last year was fantastic, let's do it again!" ~ Eddy Hogan

"I absolutely loved to be outside and to be able to sit on the hill when I wasn't dancing." ~ Jenna Hastreiter

"I liked the pavilion. I danced there before LEAF last fall. But it is small. I didn't mind the curvature, made for a more interesting dance, plus it's just something to contend with for the opportunity of a nice breeze." ~ Karen Lewis

"This past SS was my first, so I don't know what it's like to dance in the main hall. But the outdoor pavilion was great! It was a bit crowded sometimes, and the outside lines were curved - but experienced dancers enjoy a challenge. The outdoor environment was magical." ~ Larry G. Boyer

If you danced in the Pavilion at Summer Soirée, I would love to add your quote here!
Please email me or even better, please post it on my Facebook wall.


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