Guide to Asheville for Dancers


Coming to Summer Soirée a bit early or staying a bit late? Dancers will find information for other things to do while visiting the area in this great Asheville Travel Guide. Accommodations, restaurants and everything you need to know about visiting the mountains of western North Carolina.

Three days of dancing just isn't enough? Come early and dance at the Old Farmers Ball on Thursday night and at Grey Eagle on Monday. Asheville also has lots of other opportunities to dance - from English Country Dancing to Swing - and more. Check out for more information on dancing in Asheville.

Looking for other things to do in the area? Want to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway - mayebe even find a spot to swim? Check out Skinny Dip Falls at MM417 (right). Park in the Looking Glass Overlook and find the trailhead across the street. The hike is only a hlaf mile to the falls, and fairly easy. The spot is much too popular now for skinny dipping, but it's pretty and worth the short hike in. (Video of the hike and falls.)

Just a couple of miles further is the very popular Graveyard Fields Fall, well worth the stop. You can't miss the parking at MM 418. More information on this and other hikes along the parkway near Asheville.

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